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Take your home’s exterior to the next level with the help of Brading Construction! We are all-around general contractors that serve clients from and around Neoga, IL. Our team offers everything including deck construction, porch and decking installation, and siding installation services. Also, you don’t have to worry if you’re unsure of what exterior renovation project to get. Our deck, siding, and porch builders will provide you with a complete, honest analysis. So are you ready to get started? Then call us now at (217) 549-0370.

Our siding, porch, and deck installation services are available to homeowners from:

  • Casey, IL
  • Charleston, IL
  • Diona, IL
  • Greenup, IL
  • Hazel Dell, IL
  • Jewett, IL
  • Lerna, IL
  • Mattoon, IL
  • Neoga, IL
  • Toledo, IL
  • Trilla, IL
  • Union Center, IL

Decking Installation

Planning to get someone to handle your deck construction? Well, don’t delay the decking installation any longer! Some benefits of having a deck are:

  • Better Aesthetic: Having a deck in your backyard makes your home look more elegant and appealing. It’s a good addition if you want to spice up the way your outdoor area looks. Add a few shrubs, trees, flowers and you’ll have your own little haven that you can escape to.
  • Extended Living Space: By getting someone to handle your deck construction, you’ll have a link between your outdoor and indoor living space. This is perfect for homeowners with a very large backyard that doesn’t serve any real purpose at the moment.
  • Outdoor Party Area: Imagine how wonderful it would be to lounge around the deck with your friends while eating good food, listening to music, and drinking a few bottles of beer. When you get decking installation, you’ll have the perfect place to entertain your guests.

Ready to get a team to handle your deck construction? Then reach out to Brading Construction! Consult with our specialists to find out exactly what kind of deck would best suit your needs. You can reach us at (217) 549-0370.


Porch Builders

Feel like deck construction isn’t right for you? Then why not opt for a porch? A porch is very similar to a deck in style, construction, and design. The main difference is that a porch is partially enclosed and has a roof while a deck is entirely open. So to further help you decide between a porch and deck construction, here are some factors to consider:

  • Weather: Does it often rain in your area? If so, you might want to get a porch. Professional porch builders can build enough enclosure to keep you dry and safe in mild to moderately heavy rains.
  • Cost: Generally, decks are more affordable than porches. So if you don’t have enough funds yet, it may be better to get deck construction. After all, you can always just convert your deck into a porch in the future once you secure the funds to do so.
  • Style: Would you be more comfortable having a porch or a deck? Ask yourself whether you’d rather have a partially covered porch outside your home or an open and exposed deck. Take time to consider what would complement your home’s appearance the best.

Can’t decide between porch and deck construction? Don’t worry, because Brading Construction is here to help! Our porch builders will do a complete assessment of your needs and lifestyle to find out what you’d benefit from the most.


Siding Installation

To maximize the aesthetic of your deck construction, complement it with new siding installation! The siding is one of the biggest parts of your home’s exterior. In fact, it makes up more than half of it! But apart from improving your home’s appearance, siding also provides other benefits. For example, with good siding, you can maintain the quality of your indoor air. Proper insulation really does wonders. Not only will you feel more comfortable, but you’ll also lessen the load your HVAC carries. Also, well-insulated siding keeps outdoor noises where they belong: outside. So you won’t have to worry about barking dogs, noisy neighbors, and honking cars, among others.

For more information how new siding would improve your home’s appearance and functionality, call Brading Construction! We are experts that have been providing deck construction and siding installation services in Neoga, IL for decades now. Call (217) 549-0370 for bookings and inquiries.


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