How to Match Your Appliances with the Ambience You Are Creating

One of the most important areas of the home is the kitchen. If you are remodeling your kitchen, you need to have the right strategies to make it worth the time and money. This is true whether you want to stay in the home and have it be a wonderful space for your family or sell it for a profit (kitchens have major resale value). So don’t make the mistake of failing to match your appliances correctly to the ambiance you want to create. Consider the following color schemes and pairings and create a kitchen space you and everyone else can truly love.


White is a classic color that matches everything. From white painted countertops, to ceiling colors, to the floors, to your appliances, you have a lot of variety with nature’s most neutral color.

White, in any setting, creates a canvas where you can add in various accents and designs and still achieve balance. Take, for example, white painted cabinetry and lighting fixtures. With white as your base, you can achieve contrast with a black stainless steel set of appliances, or even wooden stools and shelves hung from the wall. Keep in mind that white appliances are possible too with your white ambiance, but it may be sensory overload and look like something out of a sterile hospital room instead of a bright environment who thought it would achieve.


If your kitchen setting features natural greenery like plants and trees, along with some wooden accents and dark lighting, then slate can be an amazing appliance color. Slate doesn’t reflect much light, and its medium grey color can combine with other neutral colors, meaning it is incredibly versatile.

If you’re going for a rustic look, you could hardly do better than slate. It also doesn’t attract fingerprints like many other appliances. It will ground your kitchen with earthy tones and let you use more lived-in decor.

Black Stainless Steel

A black stainless steel appliance set will match your vibe if you’re going for very light (natural light) or dark design. It is a polarizing color and can be used for a great accent against white countertops or cabinets. The sleek feeling will modernize your kitchen instantly, and catch the eye in a bold way.

If you’re going to go with wood for the other parts of the kitchen, choose a darker shade of wood. Consider an island that brings some of the attention away from the appliances so they don’t take all the attention. It will also create some balance in your modern industrial look.

Stainless Steel

If you’re ever in doubt about a kitchen appliance color that matches everything, look no further than stainless steel. One could say that its shimmering grey color is the ultimate neutral. It adds energy and excitement with the shinier versions and yet matte stainless steel can ground the energy of your kitchen.

Luckily, it also doesn’t create smudges, leaving you free to cook, play, and use every aspect of the appliances for any occasion. Stainless steel doesn’t rust and doesn’t go out of style. The price, while it can be higher, is justified by all the additional colors and tones it matches: from wood, to white tile, to black cabinets, stainless can match it all.

When it comes to remodeling a kitchen, it can be difficult and overwhelming at first. After all, there are many aspects to consider and one wrong move could throw off the look and feel you are going for. But don’t worry, the colors and matching examples above will help you be well on your way to a beautiful kitchen that achieves your aesthetic for the long term, whether you plan to stay or sell.

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