5 Benefits of a Home Addition

Many homeowners are skipping the hassles of moving in favor of making their current home exactly what they want with the construction of a home addition. Besides fantastic new space to customize as desired, the family gets to keep its neighborhood and stay close to schools, work and favorite shops.

What are the advantages of home additions vs. moving? These five reasons to build an addition make it very clear.

1. A home addition is good value

The cost of selling a home and moving is high when realtor’s 5-7 percent commission, paying the moving company several thousand dollars and making modifications and repairs to the new home are considered. That money is much better spent on an addition where every dollar goes toward adding value to your home.

2. You get customized space

If you sell and move, you’ll hunt a long time to find a home with space that’s designed exactly the way you want it. A home addition is yours to customize into:

  • A luxurious master suite with a massage chair and jetted tub for total relaxation
  • A family room with a cozy fireplace and lots of windows
  • Bedrooms and a bathroom for a growing family
  • That gourmet kitchen where your cooking talents can be fully utilized
  • An apartment for family or frequent guests
  • A fully outfitted home theater or workout space
  • A nicely appointed office with separate entrance for clients

While these are popular home addition ideas, your new space can be designed any way that suits your style.

3. Additions help homes sell

Moving might be unthinkable once your wonderful home addition is complete, but sometimes circumstances change to make selling necessary. The new space you add to your home will make it more attractive to potential buyers. Here’s a professional tip, though, if you’re adding on with selling in mind: Moderately priced additions bring the best return on investment. Additions using cheap materials such as sheet vinyl flooring and plastic shower enclosures aren’t appealing. On the other end of the spectrum, it is difficult to get your money out of an upscale addition with expensive appointments such as quartz countertops or a master suite sauna.

4. Your entertaining can be enhanced

If you enjoy having family and friends to your home but lack the space, it will hinder your entertaining. Perhaps your home needs an addition that includes a kitchen expansion with a dining area or a multipurpose room with the space to entertain guests comfortably.

5. You’ll have room for family (or renters)

In these challenging economic times, more young adult children, even some that are married with kids, are living with their parents. A recent survey put the number at 40 percent, a 75-year high. There’s an increase in elderly parents living with adult children too. An addition to your home gives you the room for an extended household without the stress of overcrowding.

If you’re family isn’t in either of these situations in the future, you might find yourself able to take on a full-time renter or take advantage of a service like Airbnb that offers rooms for rent for shorter periods of time.

Your Space, Your Way

That’s the beauty of a home addition, the freedom to upgrade your home with what you believe it needs to be “perfect.” Take time to consider what type of home addition will do the most to improve your lifestyle and meet the specific needs of your household. From there, get ideas and inspiration from places like Pinterest and home improvement sites for how to fashion the home addition to be just what you want. The final step is to interview several construction companies to find one that you believe will bring your design to fruition with quality craftsmanship at a reasonable cost.

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